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I am pleased to endorse Sherry Jones for the District 6 seat on the State Board of Education. I was happy to have the chance to chat with Sherry and get a good feeling for her conservative position on health standards and that is an important issue. Thank you, Sherry, for running and good luck to you! — Ray Aguilar
State Senator - District 35

Adams County Republican Party — Deb Carlstrom

With the current increase of juvenile involvement in crimes in our communities and the break down of the family unit. Education is an important tool in dealing with these issues now more than ever. Sherry Jones' 35 years of experience as an educator, has proven she is the right person for the job. I am proud to endorse and encourage everyone to vote for Sherry Jones State Board of Education District 6. A vote for Sherry Jones is a vote for our children. Rick Conrad Hall County Sheriff — Rick Conrad
Hall County Sheriff

"I met Sherry Jones at an Adams County Republican meeting in Hastings at the Life House Church. Her presentation as a candidate to run for District 6 State Board of Education was a breath of fresh air. We need pro-life, Christian, conservative people like Sherry who will protect our children from all that the culture of death has been throwing at families and their innocent children. As a parent, grandparent and retired elementary education teacher, I heartily endorse Sherry Jones for District 6 State Board of Education. Connie Consbruck Past President, South Central Nebraska Right to Life — Connie Consbruck
Past President, South Central Nebraska Right to Life

I am proud to endorse Sherry Jones for District 6 of the State Board of Education. Her conservative and family values are what we need representing us at the state level. With her values, polices directed at our children and grandchildren will be more in line with ours. Larry Consbruck Hastings Treasurer South Central NE Right to Life — Larry Consbruck
Treasurer of South Central NE Right to Life

Sherry Jones is running for the NE State Board of Education and I am so glad! I met Sherry at a meet and greet in Fill My Cup in Genoa, NE. Sherry has passion, knowledge, faith and conservative and reasonable principles that we sorely need on the state board of education. I heartily endorse Sherry for the board of education and encourage everyone reading this to do the same. We need her on the state board. Also, this Sunday, November 7, Sherry will be in Fullerton, NE, for a meet and greet. It will be happening from 3:00 - 4:30 PM at the First Bank Community Room downtown Fullerton. She will be speaking at 3:30 PM and will be available to visit and answer answers during the rest of the time. Come and meet Sherry Sunday afternoon, November 7, from 3:00 - 4:30 PM. You will be encouraged and I believe you will want to endorse her for the state board of education. — Fran Cupples

When you meet Sherry Jones for the first time, the words that come to mind are "Calm", "Competent", and "Confident". Sherry jumped in to join Protect Nebraska Children's fight against the radical Health Standards proposed by the State Board of Education that would have groomed children for sexual activity as early as Kindergarten, and also would have codified Critical Race Theory into the curriculum of Nebraska Schools. She was at the forefront of confronting the current State Board members at the monthly meetings and educating the public about the threat. We at Protect Nebraska Children PAC were thrilled to learn that Sherry has decided to be our next District 6 State Board Representative. Her vast experience in all areas of education make her uniquely qualified to take on this challenge. Her tenacity makes her just the person to provide the accountability to students, parents, and taxpayers that has been lacking in recent years. Protect Nebraska Children PAC enthusiastically endorses Sherry Jones for State Board of Education District 6. — Sue Greenwald, Protect Nebraska Children PAC

I fully endorse Sherry Jones as the District 6 Candidate for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Sherry Jones has the moral fiber and the heart to represent the proper educational needs of our children. God Bless you Sherry for running for this position. I encourage everyone to vote for Sherry Jones. Steve Halloran, State Senator District 33. — Steve Halloran
Nebraska State Senator - District 33

As the TeamMates Mentoring Coordinator for Grand Island for nearly 20 years, I've had the privilege of meeting and working with amazing volunteer mentors. Sherry Jones is one of those. Her commitment to and engagement of her mentees was exemplary. She took the time to build a trusting relationship to understand her students and their strengths. Sherry understands what kids need to grow, thrive and be successful. I'm so very thankful she is a candidate. — Nancy Jones

The educational future of our children and teens lies at risk from the influence of nefarious forces that seek to use our tax dollars to propagandize students into becoming socialist activists without a moral compass. To avert such dangers, our taxpayer group enthusiastically endorses Sherry Jones. — Doug Kagan
President, Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom

I've had the pleasure to get to know Sherry, and she'll bring a calm, confident, conservative voice to the State Board of Education. Please join me in voting for Sherry in November! — Marty Klein
Hall County Attorney

I am proud to endorse Sherry Jones for the District 6 seat on the State Board of Education. And I am pleased to support Sherry Jones, as Sherry supports the same principles as I do. — John Lowe
State Senator - District 37

I am a retired teacher of 20+ years. It is great that there is finally a candidate who has the same standards & morals (as myself) who cares about what kids are being taught! I had the honor of meeting her at my coffee shop at a “meet & greet” and I can say she not only had me convinced that she was “ the one” to vote for, but all of the others present held the same thought! I highly endorse Sherry Jones and have been telling others about her!! Vote Sherry Jones in May!! — Mary McQuinn
Owner of Fill My Cup Coffee Shop

I am pleased to endorse Sherry Jones for the State Board Of Education. — Dave Murman
Nebraska State Legislator - District 38

I am a Christian, conservative & a 5th generation farmer by trade. I am pleased to endorse, Sherry Jones, as she supports the same principles as I do. I don’t like the direction the left liberals have taken our country & now taking our public education system. We need Sherry to represent us on the State Board of Education!!! — Doug Nelson

I am endorsing Sherry Jones for State Board of Education because we need strong conservatives on the Board who will protect the rights of parents, prevent “woke” indoctrination of students, and help schools focus on improving the academic proficiency of Nebraska’s children. — Don Stenberg
Former Nebraska Attorney General and State Treasurer
Hall County Republican Party
Buffalo County Republican Party
Nebraska Right to Life
Nebraskans Against Government Overreach
Joni Albrecht
Senator for Legislative District 17
Bruce Bostelman
State Senator - District 23
Tom Briese
Nebraska State Legislator - District 41
Timothy Gragert
State Senator, District 40
Jeremy Jensen
Former Mayor - Grand Island
Garrod Luhn

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